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As you may have guest from the title, this is a complaint about the appalling service provided by Norton. Indeed, they offered me a chance to leave them a review of the 'product' and I provided a fair rating of 1 star as well as explained my reasons as to why. They responded and asked me to get in touch, due to various commitments I don't have the free time to devote to a several hour long phone call with themselves, their online chat function doesn't work/load. I've tried it on my pc as well as the pc's of several friends with the same results. 

They have no email to contact directly either, thus here, the last port of call and the last straw. Norton, you provide a truly appalling service, once you sold a full package of security which was what I purchased. However, I get daily pop ups from your own security system, offering 'additional' features that should be a part of the product to begin with. Not added on later as an addition. You don't buy a burger only to them have to pay for the meat in the middle as a separate thing, you don't buy a car only to then have to pay for the dealer to put the engine in for you, you don't buy a house and then be told you need to pay someone again to build it. 

I'm fed up with it, fed up with your horrendous service. There is nothing in this universe you guys could offer me to subscribe again, so for the love of god stop with the offers of free months. I'm not going to pay for a security system that is missing half of what it needs to provide adequate protection. 

Once I held your company in high regard, you provided a quality complete product. Now given all the additional features you charge for and thus don't provide a complete protection, which was what I paid for originally, you are a mere shadow of your former selves. 

Oh and I won't be responding to this chat should Norton reply themselves, they know how to contact me if they want to talk. They do it regularly enough advertising themselves to me in my emails. 


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Re: Complaint

I've passed this thread along for a team Norton review. 


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