Este hilo del foro necesita una solución

Title Protection

Regarding title protection: It's good that you identified the fact that when a property is held in a trust, under a different name than the Norton member's name, it may be overlooked. But don't stop there! Find a solution. The easiest seems to be having the member give you the name of their trust, under which their property is held or named. We are expected to provide info on our insurance companies, bank accounts and credit cards. Why then, can't we provide the names of trusts that our homes are listed under, and have them listed under the protected properties covered in our plan? At the very least, allow us to list the property address. That way, any attempt by thieves to steal your title---no matter WHAT the name it's under, you're protected. 

Trying to unravel a theft later, with members proving their name appears in the trust, established for their home, but Norton failed to secure that property, by refusing to add the name of that trust as their property, or not allowing the address of the property to be listed amongst their real estate holdings--seems quite counter-productive. Allow us to list the trust name--or the address of the property. That way, we're protected, Norton is protected, and only the thieves lose out. Seems like a good idea to me? Anyone else agree?