Este hilo del foro necesita una solución

Norton buys another competitor

Norton can't compete, apparently.  So, any smaller competitors that become significant, they simply absorb it.

This time, it was BullGuard. The Problem begins with former BullGuard users that also used their email address for a user name. Our desktop version on our laptop defaults to "limited mode." Basically, says that we need to login to use all services. It won't let us login with the correct user name and password.

You go to the Norton website to login and it, now, shows TWO products, My Norton product, and an old BullGuard product, that I haven't renewed in a decade or more, and is asking me to choose one.

I call support. They remove the BullGuard login, and tell me that I have to wait 24 HOURS to attempt to login.  It's been 24 hours. Still doesn't work !!

I use Windows 11. That's irrelevant. The problem lies in Norton's ego. The first time I remember you doing this, you bought an excellent utilities software that was BETTER than yours. Incorporated about half of it's functions and about a year later went solely security. NOW, I see you bringing back those very same type of functions relative to an OS, today, and selling them as a separate add on.

That's why I explore other products. I'm looking to avoid the headaches like this that Norton has become famous for.

NOW, to add insult to injury, one of your LATEST pop ups informs me that I can pay MORE for ACTUAL support. You begin to see why other products become more attractive ??