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clear old dark web monitoring alerts

as per Imaginary Parsnip:    "  I have an alert for historical dark web monitoring, I have already dealt with it, I want to remove the alert from my view as it is an eyesore. How can I archive this alert, I do not need nor want to see a red alert every time I look at Norton UNLESS IT IS SOMETHING NEW that I need to take care of, not something from 3 years ago that I dealt with 3 years ago. 

You'd think they'd at least have a checkbox you can manually tick for "Yes I have read this alert" that makes it not be shoved in my face on Norton 360, Yes Norton, I know I have 1 alert, I've clicked and looked at it 7 times, thankyou Norton, please put it in the "Already Seen" folder and only show the red "1 alert" when theres something new    "