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Using VPN on Cruise Ships

I have not had much success using VPN on cruise ships, most recently on Princess and Norwegian. I have been told by support staff on the ships that VPN is not compatible with their service. As a result, I have had to use cellular data, where VPN does work, when I want to use VPN. Any suggestions on how to use a ship's Wi-Fi with VPN?



Re: Using VPN on Cruise Ships

If you use cellular mobile data you do not need a VPN unless you are trying to disguise your IP address. You are on the network by yourself and as long as you use https the data will be encrypted by the browser.

I am unable to use the VPN on a few wifi networks I have tried connecting to because the provider throttles the service and make it unusable so there is nothing you can do when they do that. Maybe find a different cruise line.

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