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Password Manager Web App

Not sure what happened to the Password Manager Vault, seems now to be a "web app", can't see the Vault like I used to, clicks don't take me to websites, it is frreaking awful.  Again a Norton score one for the gipper!  Fail. How do I get original vault view?  Have Norton 360 LifeLock, I think.  Win  10



Re: Password Manager Web App

Hi Disappointed User,

We are sorry for the difficulties you faced with the product after the UI update .
Open Web App link will open the vault page similar to Vault link in the previous version of Norton Password Manager.Please check the below screenshot.
Also you will be able to launch the saved website from the popover by clicking on the arrow icon ,which appears on hovering the particular login as shown in the below screen




Re: Password Manager Web App

Google Translate:

also they hang for about 1 second before all interfaces are opened.


Re: Password Manager Web App

The new interface is terrible!

Here's my theory. Some big shot at Norton hired his unskilled nephew to head up the user interface team. The nephew was told "As long as you don't bother me and hang out in my office, it doesn't matter what you do."

Of course, this same scenario plays out at Microsoft also.

Hey Norton! People don't like change! The changes you recently made to the Password Manager are... 'pretty?' but they are not liked or good. Give us the old Password Manager / Vault back!

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