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Cloud vs External Drive Back Up File Names

Though I selected External Drive in "Where" to store backups, and selected auto backups to happen at random.  The Cloud was where I found the backup files.  Not in the External Drive.

I then manually selected my C:/ Documents file and selected my External Drive, created a new file name, and performed a backup.  All went into the External Drive.

Two questions: 1> Why did the auto backups get sent to the cloud when the Cloud was not selected?  How to eliminate the auto backup to the Cloud.  The reason I ask, the Cloud only offers me a limited amount of space not large enough to contain my C:/ Documents.  Therefore External must be my backup.

2> The file naming convention stays the same on my External Drive Backups, but different on the Cloud backups.   In addition, when I go into the Cloud it appears each individual file name appears.  Why the difference?  How to eliminate Cloud Back Up entirely.

Toshiba Laptop P75-A7200 Windows 10 N360/VPN External Storage 500GB SSD