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Want MUCH smaller "Threats blocked" alerts

I do NOT like the new "Threats blocked" alert, which takes up nearly a quarter of my screen, every time it appears.

Which occurs multiple times, every time I go shopping, browsing, or just exploring.

The prior type of small, black-and-white alert was quite sufficient.

Please do NOT tell me to change my security settings, to increase or decrease my level of "tolerance", or whatever you call it. I'm comfortable where I'm at, and I do NOT want to change THOSE settings. Instead, plz just provide a straight answer to:

Does Norton have some kind of "patch", or script, or whatever, that will let me return to the older, smaller type of alert? And, if so, where can I find it, and how do I install it?



Re: Want MUCH smaller "Threats blocked" alerts

This has gotten a couple of "kudo's", and several "I agree" clicks.

But, no response of any sort, from anyone who can help.

Can anyone suggest the best way to escalate, in a way that will get an actual reply, from Norton?

I'm a lot of things, but "shy" isn't one of them . . . 

And, BTW, when I posted this response, I clicked on the "notify a moderator" button.

Let's see if maybe that's a good place to start . . .


Re: Want MUCH smaller "Threats blocked" alerts

Okay, then. Still no answer.

I've got a Norton package that covers 10-machines. Going to be up for renewal, soon.

Also got a set of computer experts (they run a small used-computer store) who tell me that Norton has fallen out of the top slot, and most of the experts today have shifted to a service called ESET.

Been with Norton for something like 35 years, and I'm reluctant to just walk away. But no company ever stays on top, forever. Check out the current status of the "all-time best" companies that were featured in the classic business management book, "In Search of Excellence", from back in the 1980s, if you want a solid confirmation of that principle.

Any suggestions, anyone?


Re: Want MUCH smaller "Threats blocked" alerts

ii agree with you the font ( size of notification) was smaller until the last patch/build came out they stated something about fonts matching up or looking better ( my term in summary of the release notes)

perhaps they will address this matter in next release

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