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Time limit on Windows 11 Laptop

I have 2 PC Windows 11 laptops with parental controls being monitored. One of the laptops will not allow my son to login in the morning. His house rules allow him to login from 10AM in the morning but as soon as he attempts to log in he will reach ..."XXX has reached their curfew and their device has been locked." I can also monitor his usage from activities and can see that he has not reached his limit either today or yesterday. 

Based on other advice read from the post, I have also checked the machines time zone as well as the parent's time zone and can confirm that they are the same "UTC+10:00 Brisbane". I have also checked with the version of the software that it is running on and can confirm that it is the latest from Microsoft Store. I have restarted the laptop multiple times and can also confirm that there is no improvement. 

My interim solution has been to disable the time restriction on the app or extend the time limits but I am hoping for a better solution than this.

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Re: Time limit on Windows 11 Laptop

Hi Sylvia,

From our backend data, We noticed that the PC's allowed hours is from 10 AM but the PC has been logged in before 10 AM and hence the PC has been locked. After 10 AM you can continue using your device by closing the Norton Family lock screen. If you are unable to use the system even after 10 AM, please contact us and we will analyze the issue further.

Thanks & Regards,
Norton Family Team.

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