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Devices covered

I have recently changed one of my android phones and my android tablet and removed both of the old ones from the devices covered. Both of the new devices appear to be covered but don't show in the relevant section of my account plus my PC is shown as inactive which it clearly is not. I've tried several solutions offered by support and also tried the chat bot all with no success.  Both devices were activated by file migration from the old units. Any answers will be most gratefully received.



Re: Devices covered

The Devices page in your Norton Account is notorious for having outdated/incorrect information. It may take some time for the information to display for the new devices.

The correct information can always be found by hovering your cursor over the user icon at the top right of the Norton Account page and clicking on Manage My Subscriptions. Then find your current 360 subscription and click on Manage Licenses. You may have to scroll to see all devices.

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