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Time went way over, but child was never on

I am not sure what happened, but when I logged on today to allow my children some electronic time, I saw that one child had hit 12.3 hours of time today. Said child was at school all day, and time monitoring was on and set to 2 hours (I had to adjust it to time I wanted, which was why I logged on), so I have no idea how it allowed the usage to hit 12.3 hours of time and not get locked at 2 hours. And more, since it wasn't logged in, how was the time even occurring? What is more, no alerts were even generated that the limit was reached.

Any idea how I can prevent this going forward? Right now I tell them to turn off their computer to hopefully prevent these things, but the way over usage tells me something else is going on and likely on the Norton side of things.



Re: Time went way over, but child was never on

Hi Maceman121,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

Could you please check if the Norton Family product is running on the windows device?

If the windows device is monitored properly, Norton Family tray icon will be available with a green tick mark.

Also, please verify the remaining usage time for the device by following the below steps:
1. Right Click on the Norton Family tray icon
2. Click "View Time Remaining" to view the remaining allowed time for the windows device.

If the Norton Family tray icon is not running on the windows device, please restart the windows device and check again.

Additionally, could you please check the time/time zone on the device to ensure it is correct?

If the issue is happening again, please reach out to us for further assistance and we would be happy to help.

Norton Family Team.

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