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Auto renewal too early

On 9/15/2022, @ 6am, I spoke with a Norton customer service representative, her name was Joy. I called initially to see why my Norton subscription didn't include Indentity Theft. She explained all the different Norton plans that are Individually presented to purchase; however; they are NOT connected. Ex. Norton 360 Deluxe DOES NOT INCLUDE "LIFE LOCK or IDENTITY THEFT" Joy was knowledgeable and presented to me the options to combine All the parts of protection as ONE SUBSCRIPTION instead of the confusing side of having 3 or 4 separate subscriptions going on different dates. What a relief she gave me. She input the Protection options I wanted. She combined them ALL in One SUBSCRIPTION, to be RENEWED ON JANUARY 12, 2023 for the annual amt of $149.95. HERE IS THE ISSUE I AM STATING HERE ABT NORTON AND THE AUTO RENEWAL THEY HAVE YOU SET-UP WHEN YOU BUY FROM THEM, (this is not the first time this has happened to me) THAT RENEWAL WAS CHARGED TO MY BANK ACCOUNT ON DECEMBER 9, 2022 for $149.99. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS NOR DID I RECEIVE ANY NOTIFICATION FROM NORTON OF THE TRANSACTION UNTIL THEY EMAILED ME THE MY "annual renewal had been processed" At that point, drawing off my bank account caused me charges for over-draft fees, and a scheduled payment to another bill, to be Returned due to Insufficient funds!!! Since then, I have tried twice to get back to a Human customer service person, spent at least an hour with their ridiculous chat asst.. But to then finally being transferred to a human; wait for it; you guessed it; they dropped my call!!! I have my Case #, I also have the Order Confirmation number from Joy. I'm angry, I'm tired of wasting my time dealing with this stuff!!! I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK BY JANUARY 15, 2023. ***Not a threat, just a Promise to Norton and Lifelock; I will contact the following Consumer Protection Agencies, just to name 3 right now: 1) Office of the Attorney General of the United States, including the state in which the Norton/Lifelock Entity do business. 2) BBB 3) FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION etc. Maybe Norton will stop this type of practice within their business structure.