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Erroneous billing

I received 3 separate emails, with different invoice numbers,  billing me $349.99 each for automatic 3 year renewal of @ Anti-virus Security.  I no longer subscribe to this product.  I suspect this is spam, as it doesn't show up on my online credit card statement.  If someone has ideas on how to stop these erroneous invoices, please advise.  I've already classified them as SPAM in my email.



Re: Erroneous billing

This is a common scam these days. And it is not just using the Norton name. McAfee and others are used.

You can check the sender's email address against this information.    Is this email from Norton legitimate?  If not there, it is a scam.  

There is nothing you can do to stop scammers from sending you emails. All you can do is filter it when it gets to your inbox.

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