Este hilo del foro necesita una solución


On August 9, 2022, I bought Norton Antivirus $104.99. I was not satisfied with the software so I canceled and they told me that the money would be returned in 30 days. that's how it all started.

I called a couple of times at the beginning of October and was told that it would be paid.

From 28 Oct. 2022 73733574. they said again that it will be paid in the next max 6 weeks.

After that I called several more times and received different answers such as:

Oct. 6 In 2022, the money has already been sent to my bank account
Nov. 2022. I was told that a check was sent to my mailing address.
On January 7, 2003, it was said that the money would be paid to my bank account within seven days.
On January 14, 2003, that promised time expired and in a conversation that lasted 40 minutes, I was told that I would be notified by email in the next 6 weeks.

I told them that everything looks like the two cases I had with apple australia.
Money was taken from my account "allegedly by mistake" for something I didn't buy at all.

Then my money was returned with an apology, but that Australian apple was soon closed ???
Is the same thing happening with the norton company?