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Norton Security Ultra Password Manager won't let me create a password


I am new to the password manager but I have been using computers since the 1970's so I know my way around computers. 

When I attempt to choose my password for the password manager it says it is a strong password but then when I hit continue I get a windows error popup that says something went wrong. It gives absolutely no information on what went wrong. I also added the program, since I have unlimited device protection, to another computer just now and it is having the same issue. This computer, my computer, is Windows 11. The second computer is Windows 10. 

Can anyone give me some direction on how to fix this? It would be greatly appreciated.

Last week for the first time in 8 years since being hacked by a Roblox user my eldest grandson played with and my information being all over the dark web and taking a very long time to get it all situated, that grandson came for a visit and I let him borrow the second computer. He is now a grown man pretty much. Gone from 9 to 17 but I let my middle grandson play on my computer despite my personal reservations and... low and behold, my middle grandson did the exact same thing while my eldest grandson was asleep. My eldest grandson could have stopped him because he knows these types of traps now but my middle grandson is 9 now, same age the other was when his attempt happened, and he honestly didn't know he was falling into a trap.  I should have been watching them but I take 13 pills a day (disabled) and some of them make me really tired so I had laid down for pretty much a full day when it happened. The Roblox user even met me in a Roblox game that I play with my grandkids and taunted me with information he had from my computer before I realized he had an automatic password changer that changed all of my password linked to my computer... all of them in one fell swoop. He didn't seem to do much other damage than deleting a game account I use. He seemed to just be a jerk goofing around but still...

Now I need a password manager to take care of my passwords. I really need this to work.



Re: Norton Security Ultra Password Manager won't let me create a password

its normal it ask of you password on the set op of you password mannager you can also get it to set a tip if not working try reinstall it


Re: Norton Security Ultra Password Manager won't let me create a password

the tip is in the set up

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