"you can access your upgradation features" - PHISHING !

Norton email scan never catches this phishing email. I continue to get it saying that I have subscribed to Norton security (NOT!).

This is coming from a European server, apparently a Microsoft server.  How to stop it / report it to Norton?


"Thank you for choosing #Norton. Here's a summary of your order. 

                                     Norton Order Summary
We have successfully received your payment. Now you can enjoy our premium benefits for totally free for one year.
We wish to notify you that we have successfully proceed your request for upgradation .
we have received an amount of  USD 481.21

#Order Details
Order Date: Feb 01, 2023 

Order Number: JHGD-785748

Transaction ID: 216832

User Name:  xxxxx" 




Re: "you can access your upgradation features" - PHISHING !

Please review:  Verify that an email you receive from Norton is legitimate

Sometimes you may receive mails from scammers claiming that it is from Norton. If you receive suspicious mails that look like it is from us, forward it as an attachment to spam @ nortonlifelock. com


Cyber scams and how to avoid them


Re: "you can access your upgradation features" - PHISHING !

No one can stop spam from being sent to your inbox. All an app can do is try to help filter this spam. The issue with these 'Norton' scams is that the sender will blast out hundreds of thousands of these emails hoping someone will reply. Then after a day or two, they abandon the email address they used to send that spam and they start using another email address. Lather, rinse, repeat. So anyone trying to catch these spammers is playing wack-a-mole. These spammers know nothing about whether you have a Norton product or not. It is just a numbers game. The odds of finding a Norton user are great. I have had similar spam emails supposedly from McAfee. I have never had a McAfee product on my systems.


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