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Deleting old backup set and creating new one

Catch 22 problem.

The existing set is too large for storage but i cannot delete it to start a new one. I try to set up a new one but it won't let me because it always starts trying to save the old one (a process which takes forever, then falls over because there is not enough storage space). How can I delete the old one so i can start afresh? Otherwise I'm stuck in a doom loop...

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Re: Deleting old backup set and creating new one

You need to set up a new backup set but do not run the backup. Then open the Manage Backup Sets by opening the new My Norton interface and clicking on the down arrow beside Run Backup and click on Manage Backup Sets. Then choose the old backup set from the drop down list and then click on Delete. Then choose the option to Delete Backup set and files. That will clear the files from your storage location so you can use the new backup set.

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