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Question about Exclusion List in Scans


Items that I have excluded by clicking “Exclude this file ID from future scans” when I restore a file from a Notification of Norton 360 of a “Threat Detected” never show up in the list of “Items to Exclude from Scans” or “Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, Script Control Protection and Download Intelligence Detection”.


I know that these files that Norton has removed automatically and I have restored and Excluded from the Notification of a Treat are excluded because when I scan these files manually Norton does not find any more threat now.

Furthermore, I know that these files are excluded from scan because, when I clear them from Exclusion by clicking “Clear All” next to “Clear file IDs excluded during scans” in the “Scan and Risks” tab of “Settings->Antivirus”, Norton detects them again as a “Threat”.

Therefore, I don’t understand why these items don't show up in the Exclusion Lists.

The only items that I am able to see in the Exclusion lists are the files that I have manually excluded by clicking “Configure[+]”, and added them manually.

The other files excluded during a Scan, or files already excluded by Microsoft Defender Antivirus before installing Norton never appear in the list of Exclusions of Norton Antivirus.

Please could somebody explain me how to check the real list of files that Norton excludes in its scans.

I am using Norton 360 in Windows 10 Version 22H2.