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How to find out which malicious website was found?

I have been using Norton for my IOS device for the last few days but stupidly did not have notifications turned on. I’ve gone onto the app today and have alarmingly seen that the app has detected a malicious website, however as stated above, I didn’t have notifications turned on so I wasn’t alerted to this. When you click on the “I” for information it doesn’t give the website address, so is there a way to find this out in retrospect at all? I’m panicking that I’ve accessed a dangerous website :( Grazie



Re: How to find out which malicious website was found?

There is not available log with this information. But even if you had stumbled upon a malicious site, there is nothing that it could do to an iOS device.

In fact, there is no malware protection in Norton 360 on an iOS device. See this article from howtogeek . com for an explanation of why it is not necessary.

Going forward, you should allow the notifications so you can get real time information on what might be happening as you use your device.

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