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Turn on VPN on Android

I want to be able to turn on Norton VPN on my phone so that I can set my region as UK but the VPN in Norton 360 will not turn on because it says my WiFi is already secure (which on my Windows 11 laptop it tells me the contrary - the subject of another thread someone posted last year) and without WiFi it tells me I am on a cellphone network and so the VPN is not needed. I therefore tried Norton Secure VPN instead but while that would turn on it has no option to select a region. In the end I used the free Melon VPN app and that sorted my problem but why can't I use the Norton 360 VPN?

I live in Italy and, although fluent in Italian, I have more difficulty in understanding Italian so prefer to read in English. Today I was reading information on an English web site but got switched into Italian, because the web site I was reading from had detected that I am in Italy and so provided Italian text. While this is a fault of the web site it is a very common fault and I have often found that I get switched into the local language even after selecting English from a menu on the web site. Being able to set my region as UK gets around this language problem.

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Re: Turn on VPN on Android

To turn on the VPN function in 360 Android, tap on the Privacy section from the main interface, then tap on VPN. Then turn on the VPN from there. Then you can tap on the VPN Region section and choose a virtual location from there.

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