Este hilo del foro necesita una solución

Phone hacked even with Norton deluxe 360 with vpn

I was resetting my Facebook account looking at my Android phone I entered the reset code that I was sent by a text message. All of a sudden the password was filled in for me on my screen but not by me and then close out the screen so I no longer have access to my Facebook account. And then my blink security account opens up in the app and same thing happens in another app & another as I'm looking at my phone trying to stop it but someone had remote access from hacking my phone or idk. I was dumb founded. I don't click on any links any where at all. I normally don't use Facebook but was just looking for a used minivan. However someone had already accessed my credit cards & my credit score had dropped over 250 points in 4 months that I had been sick not monitoring my balances, living on disability budget just making my payments as usual I had no reason to be suspicious until I had a vehicle accident. Needed a loan but now my score went from 670 to 430 in 5 months because credit card companies just kept extending my limits. Now they don't believe it's me they didn't make the charges because I was just still making the payments over the time that's charges were made that we're not mine. I'm astonished I had Norton security Internet the full works virus protection VPN block. I want a refund and now I don't know how to get the hackers out of my home network.