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I think my iPhone has been hacked...

I installed a new 4G modem from our telecommunications provider today, and almost immediately after, my iPhone popped up with a Settings page (I don't remember all the details) showing a whole heap of information, including an IP address or something located in China. 

I immediately tried to log into my Norton app, but it wouldn't load up for me. I don't know if this is because there was an issue with the app, or whether I actually have been hacked.......

After nearly 20 minutes of trying, I finally got the Norton app up and running, but I don't know whether my phone has actually been hacked or not. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Re: I think my iPhone has been hacked...

Without knowing exactly what the messages you saw said, it is difficult to know what might have happened. 

If you got a new modem, it is possible that it is being detected as a new network and the Settings page(s) you were seeing were popping up to have you sign into the new network. Is the network SSID and password the same as from the old modem? If not, that would be why you need to set up your Wifi network again.

What make and model is the new modem?  

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