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Norton Family Notification : Time Allowance Reached

When my son turns on computer I get a message: "Peter has reached daily time limit of 2 hour(s) and access to DESKTOP-_Win10 has been blocked". Computer has not been used today and even yesterday. Computer is not blocked and my son can continue working on it next 2 hours until time limit of 2 hours actually is reached. In fact last time limit was reached 2 days ago. Norton parental control just sending out wrong messages. The message itself doesn't say when the time limit is reached.



Re: Wrong message Norton parental control


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

The time allowance reached alert might have been generated and queued on the PC two days ago.
This is probably because the PC was turned off just after the generation of the 'time allowance reached' alert.
The generated alert log gets posted to the server whenever the device becomes active next time. 

To know about when the time limit is reached, you check the "Alerts" section. Please refer the screenshot below. 
Let us know if there are any further questions.

Norton Family team

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