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Norton AntiTrack showing blank screen

I recently purchased Norton 360 and installed this on 1 of my 2 machines.  All is working well.  Then I purchased Norton AntiTrack.  I installed this on the 1st machine, enabled the browser extensions and all is working well. HOWEVER, I then installed Norton AntiTrack on the 2nd machine.  (Note that the 2nd machine does NOT have Norton 360 and I do not intend to install in on that machine.)  I then click on the Norton AntiTrack icon.  The application loads but then displays nothing but a white screen.  As I installed the AntiTrack extension in Chrome on the 1st machine, the extension does show on the 2nd screen but of course, says I need to log into the application first.  How do I get past the white screen to I can actually log on?

Note that the 1st machine that is working well, is Windows 11.  The second where I can not get Antitrack to run, is Windows 10.