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Problem when using Norton Family in iPhone or iPad

My child created folders of different categories in his iPad and iPhone and then categoried all the installed Apps.  Recently, I installed Norton Family (NF) in his devices.  When NF "Instant lock" or "Daily time limit" function is on, the Apps inside the devices were rendered invisible.  After using these functions, the Apps became visible; however, all Apps were uncategoried.  That meant apps that were categoried and put inside folders were now "released" and Apps dispersed in Home page or Program page as if they were not categoried.



Re: Problem when using Norton Family in iPhone or iPad

Hi Arcoxia1995,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

When Instant Lock is enforced in the device, the apps will get rearranged in alphabetical order after the device is unlocked. Apps organised inside folder will also be placed outside the folder after apps are visible.

This is as per Apple’s design and a platform limitation of iOS. Please refer to this page for more details.

Norton Family Team.

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