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dark web monitoring and unable to launch live help


A simple question first. I have Norton 360 Deluxe. Is the new dark web monitoring service automatically afforded to me?

Secondly, I sought to find the answer to the above, and a couple of related issues, via live help but, after repeated efforts, 'chat now' will not launch/open the window. I have used the service from this machine and this browser previously, without issue. I have gone to settings. My browser automatically blocks only cross-site cookies but I even turned that off to see if it helped, but it did not. Any ideas?

Additionally, a number of pages which I try to open in Norton (I am signed in) flesh on screen for but a moment then flick onto another screen which just says Norton, on the left, and get help, on the right, the latter link taking me round in circles. Any ideas why this happens every time I try to open certain help pages?

Thanks for your time and any solutions to the above.