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Not able to defrag hard drive after saying it needs a defrag

program indicates hard drive needs to be defragged. It craps out after starting to do it after a minute. Still needs to say it needs to be optimized after that. Windows Defrag shows the drive to be solid state and not needing a defrag.



Re: Not able to defrag hard drive after saying it needs a defrag

Donald. Norton should NOT be attempting to "defrag" your SSD drive at all. Windows 11 will do that on its own as it should. Is N360 prompting you for a defrag of drive C:\ ? If that is the case disable the following setting is Norton. Ensure that you reboot so the settings will take affect.

You can also check to see if "TRIM" is enabled in Windows 11. It should be automatically enabled by default for a system with an SSD installed. AND have a schedule set for doing so.  Use the link below to accomplish that.


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