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Can't save new debit card details

I'm pulling my hair out with this one!

I'm trying to enter the details of my new debit card, in the billing details field of my account.

Simple enough; the work of seconds only. However, when I hit the save icon, the system repeatedly refuses to accept it, and asks that I use another debit card, or to use another country!! (I'm in the UK).

Never had this issue in 16 years of using Norton, and of using several debit cards in that time. Always been straightforward in previous years.

I can't find a UK phone number for customer support to help me:- I may as well try to find the Holy Grail.

Does anyone know of a practical solution whereby the system will accept my new card details, or even provide me with that mythical phone number to the equally mythical Support people?

Many thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions or ideas.



Re: Can't save new debit card details


I can't find a UK phone number for customer support to help me:- 

Contact Norton Support - UK

~ My topic is not listed above -> I still need help -> Sign In -> Chat Now / View Phone Number


Re: Can't save new debit card details

I have just posted the same question - before encountering this post. The Chat service was no help and the London number they gave me connected me to an American chatbot which could only offer all the strategies that I had already exhausted, so sadly, I got no miles on the clock.


Re: Can't save new debit card details

Thanks for both replies, although I'm still at square one.

Chat support and phone support, although logical choices, are both worthless to me. For the simple reason, that I have to input my phone number in order to access that support. Seems fair enough of course,- BUT those thoughtful people at Norton inform me that my phone number is invalid! Despite me having been using my phone for a number of years now.

I honestly couldn't make it up.

The irony is that the actual product is fantastic, providing everything I need, and more besides. I'm more than happy to renew, as I have done on several occasions since 2007, including changes of debit card, all without mishap.

If anyone employed by Norton is reading this, get it together and either sort out the billing information field, or provide a phone number whereby customers in the UK, like me, can speak to a human being and continue using {and buying) your product. In my own case I have until last week in September until my licence, which, I emphasise I wish to renew, expires.

Great product, utterly dreadful customer support.

Thank you.

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