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Lack of help with Norton Products

First, we have been receiving warnings that one or more of our products would need to paid for.  I was finally able to actually speak with a friendly c.s. rep that assured me that the subscription had over a year before payment was due.  I did reach out to Norton about this back then, and  the pop-up warnings seem to have disappeared, at least for now.  I'm suew I wasn't the only person who contacted Norton about those messages.

Now, having one of the most bizarre warning messages from Microsoft ever, I called the help number, and recieved the same mistreatment as Norton.  The male who answered my call for help was verbally abusive to me: the Microsoft was so harsh that I hung up on him, the Norton male , whose voice I could barely understand, kept asking to speak to someone he could "understand."  Then, he hung up on me.

Honestly, I don't know where you are finding these people, but it has to stop. 



Re: Lack of help with Norton Products

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