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Time spent on apps/usage reported is incorrect

Norton family (latest) is installed on my son's Nokia G400 android phone.  I find the time spent on Apps to be grossly misrepresented.  For example, the game Call of Duty shows him spending over 2 hours on the device while he was asleep, and I was in possession of his phone and he clearly didn't use it during that time.   Another app that shows this problem include Youtube .

This time spent on Apps is shown on Norton's website accessed via a Windows computer, but on my mobile app it shows zero usage for all apps at all time.



Re: Time spent on apps/usage reported is incorrect

Dear @Inktomei,

Welcome to Norton Family forum.

Norton Family Android App activity report, displays the list of apps that are installed or uninstalled on your child's Android phones, tablets, and Windows devices. 

You can use the Norton Family website to see the amount of time your child spends on each of their apps.

From the backend analysis, we see certain delay in posting the activity from child's device. We need few information and have sent you a private message to troubleshoot further. Kindly check.

Norton Family team

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