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RadarScope on PC won't run when Norton VPN is on

RadarScope is the only program on the laptop that will not run when VPN is on no matter the VPN location. Is anyone else running into this issue?
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Re: RadarScope on PC won't run when Norton VPN is on

What you can do is set up your program in the VPN Split Tunnel function. That will allow your program to bypass the VPN avoiding the blocking by your provider.  In your Norton interface, click the down arrow to the right of the Turn on button for the VPN feature, and then click on Settings. Then click on Split Tunnel. Click on Add to add your program. You need to navigate to the .exe location for your program to add it to the Split Tunnel. It is found at  C:\Program Files (x86)\your program , or C:\Program Files\your program . Scroll down there to find the .exe file. 

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