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Can't Receive 2 Factor Auth SMS Messages After New Phone

I got a new phone and had my original phone number ported.  Now none of the SMS messages from Norton for 2 Factor Authentication are coming through to my phone and I can't login to my account, do backups/restores, or access any of 300+ passwords.

Norton's solution ... they will create a new account for me and I lose all my backups and passwords.  

I don't understand:

1. why they use SMS messages for 2FA if this is a potential issue

2. they should FORCE everyone to have a fall back 2FA method

Does anyone understand what is going on?  Norton doesn't seem to and I dont want to lose all my data.




Re: Can't Receive 2 Factor Auth SMS Messages After New Phone

It is always very good computing practice to have multiple 2FA methods in case one fails.

I agree that Norton and all other companies should force multiple methods upon their users. I myself have 4 different methods of 2FA including the Google authenticator which I think is the best method.

Certainly losing all your passwords and other data seems like a drastic measure but 2FA is an integral part of the login process and I would not expect Norton to bypass that process and allow for a bad agent to access your account. 

I am sorry that I don't have more useful suggestions for you but maybe others here with more knowledge may be more helpful. I hope all works out the best for you.


Re: Can't Receive 2 Factor Auth SMS Messages After New Phone


Did you have a backup way of logging in? With backup codes for example?

Unfortunately when you switch phone, the 2FA doesn't come to the new phone, this happens with a lot of companies, that's why you always need a backup, and personally I switch off all 2FA before switching phones.

I feel your pain for the Password Manager, I hope you had the backup codes and can get it back...


Re: Can't Receive 2 Factor Auth SMS Messages After New Phone

fwiw ~ 
Hoping, you saved the backup codes &or setup a backup method.

Two-factor authentication for your Norton account

 4. Choose any one of the following verification methods:

Mobile authenticator app ›

Security key ›

Mobile phone number ›

  1. Select Mobile phone number and then click Next.

  2. Enter your mobile number to which you want to receive the code as a text message. To receive the code as a phone call, click Call me with a code.

  3. Enter the six-digit code that you received and click Verify.

    You are shown 10 different single-use security codes that you can use to login to your account if you have trouble receiving the two-factor security codes on your phone. Click Download or Print to save the backup codes.

To set up a backup method, next to Backup Methods, click Add a new method. A backup method is used in case your primary method does not work. So, choose a different method than the one that you set up for a primary method. For example, if you have selected Mobile authenticator app as the primary method, choose Mobile phone number or Security key as the backup method.

If you have already set up two-factor authentication, you can turn on or off two-factor authentication, and regenerate backup codes from your account.


Caveat: I'm not using 2FA for my Norton this time. 

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