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I have a 1hr 30 min time limit on my son's phone.  I usually get a notification saying his time has been used and that its blocked.  Later that day I check on his device wellbeing time limit and he has been using it for 3+ hours.  Norton dont have any answers, keep saying to reinstall the app/delete profile etc etc.  Nothing works.  Seems very off a $12bn company is being outsmarted by a teenager.  



Re: Oneplus/Android

Hi @NP1985,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

To begin with, kindly be noted that the business logic to calculate time usage of the device might vary slightly for different apps, leading to some discrepancy.

Furthermore, we would request you to ensure that all the required permissions are enabled in your child's device, so that our supervision service is functional in preventing your child from using apps beyond the allowed time limit. We have also noticed a couple of logs today which suggest that the permissions in your child's OnePlus device have been tampered with. Kindly refer this document for assistance in this regard.

Having said that, we will continue our analysis with this issue further and do the needful in case any fix is required.

Norton Family Team.

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