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Child uses blocked app and uses 3x more time than allowed


The setting on child phone should block some apps, for example TIkTok (Please, see screenshot BlockedApps.png)

However, child has used the TikTok almost 1 hour (screenshot TikTokUsage.png)

Besides that, time limit is set to 1 hour. But what is displayed on the Activities page is almost 3 hours.

Is there a solution for this? I am really thinking of withdrawing my subscription.

Thank you.

Best regards,


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Re: Child uses blocked app and uses 3x more time than allowed


As mentioned in your other post, If the child is using multiple apps simultaneously using the Split Screen feature of the device, the usages for both the apps are considered separately by Norton Family. This might eventually lead to a situation wherein the sum total of individual app usage exceeds the total usage time for the device. It is likely that your child is occasionally using his device in Split Screen, which might be the possible reason for this anomaly.

We have also sent you a private message requesting some more details, Please check.


Norton Family Team

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