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NPM not filling password in App

Hello, NPM running on Motorola Edge 2022 with Chrome and 360. Works pretty good with Chrome, with apps I am wondering if the issue is drawing over other apps or what. I wasn't sure how to turn this on in Android 12. This particular App it will verify my identity and then NPM shows a list of items including having the App in question at the top. When I click it NPM apparently fills in the Username but not the Password. Yes, passwords are enabled in NPM and it doesn't both credentials in Chrome. Any suggestions are of course appreciated. Any other information needed please feel free to ask. Take care, Steven
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Re: NPM not filling password in App

Logins in a browser and in an app are separate features. Only apps that Norton has coded into Norton Password Manager, NPM, can be filled by NPM. 

What app are you trying to have NPM fill in? 

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