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Norton Family Not Updating Automatically on Android + More Issues

Hello Norton Community,

I recently installed Norton Family on my child's Android device, and I've been experiencing some issues with the app's functionality. Specifically, I've noticed that the app doesn't refresh the house rules automatically when I make changes as a parent. This has led to a less-than-ideal situation because the kid or parent is expected to update these rules manually. As when I want to instantly lock their device, it doesn't lock automatically as it doesn't receive the prompt from my parental control.

I also want to share another issue I encountered when using Norton Family on my child's Android device. Applications are being blocked by overlaying a window on top of the application, which, in my case, caused some confusion for my child as it glitches out and most of the time doesn't even show up, just closes the app. The phone settings were accessible even though they were blocked in the control panel on the Norton website. This gave my child the ability to easily delete Norton Family from the phone.

I'm left wondering if others in this community have faced similar issues with Norton Family on Android smartphones. Is this a common problem, or have I missed some settings that might improve the app's performance on these devices? I'm hoping to find some advice or solutions from those who have experience with this.

Please share your insights, tips, or any potential solutions to help us make Norton Family work more effectively on Android devices. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

(Using Android Version 13)



Re: Norton Family Not Updating Automatically on Android + More Issues

Hi @Mr Aidxn

Thanks for contacting Norton family support.  We observed that accessibility permission was turned off from the Android device that child is using, Norton Family sends an email notification whenever this happens. We also observed that settings app was not blocked.

Please ensure that accessibility and necessary permissions are enabled in the device and settings app is blocked by following the kb article

Regarding the first issue, have sent you a private message.


Norton Family Team.

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