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Child keeps disabling Norton Family

Hello.  My child has two accounts on laptop, one local user and one windows account. Both are set up as normal users. I am the only admin account on laptop.    Somehow they are able to disable the Norton Family protection and stop it running, as in when you log into that user there is no tick / Norton is not protecting this account message.  When I log in as admin and re-add it, it operates for a short period but then it is disabled by child again and I do not get any alerts.

Have changed Norton password several times and now added MFA, but this still keeps happening.  Is there a way to find out how it is being disabled?  Clearly the child wont tell me!!

Windows 10, latest version of N-Fam and N360.  Admin password changed.  NF password changed.  No error messages.

With many thanks!



Re: Child keeps disabling Norton Family

Hi ConfUsedTechiDad,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

We have sent you a private message requesting additional details to understand the problem better.
Could you please check and respond via private message?

Norton Family team

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