My kid bypassing norton on her phone

So my child has been turning accessibility off and says it's an accident, but I have that she's using her phone at 1 am. I have discovered she has linked her phone to her school computer so she can access the phone from that. Also I have discovered if any parent uses 360 on top of norton if they turn power saver on or airplane mode it doesn't notify you and shows the phone where it last was so easy for child to sneak out without parent knowing also keeps you from locating with norton also. Just wanted to possibly help parents out with some extra sneaky stuff the kids are doing. Oh and the computer will use the phone data, text and calling through Bluetooth or wifi.



Re: My kid bypassing norton on her phone


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

We can confirm from our initial analysis that both "Draw over other apps" and "Accessibility service" permissions in the child's device have been tampered with, which are essential for the NF app to function properly.

We recommend enabling all required permissions and then immediately disabling the Settings app using App supervision to avoid further tampering. Please refer to this article for the same.


Norton Family Team

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