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Norton App Lock opens late

This has started early November, sometimes I can sign into an app and the Norton app lock may not appear until about a minute later. It even comes up for that app even after closing app and I am in another app.

It does this a lot but it does still appear as it should with some apps so that app cannot be opened until I use my fingerprint as authorization. The late opening App lock is always only number code operated.

It does this with both Samsung S23+ and S23 Ultra



Re: Norton App Lock opens late

Can you think of any changes to your devices around the time this started happening? OS update or new apps installed to both devices, as you are seeing it on both.

What Android version is on your devices?

Is it a specific app  or apps that always have this issue? What apps?

In Android Settings > Apps > Norton App Lock > Advanced, be sure Appear on Top is allowed. 

Also look in Android Settings for any battery optimizations and ensure that they are off for Norton App Lock.


Re: Norton App Lock opens late

Thank you for reply. I am happy and bit embarrassed to say that the day after posting this thread Norton App Lock started working good again. There is no reason that I could see.

I have checked your recommendations just in case to make sure the settings were correct and they were.


Re: Norton App Lock opens late

Thanks for posting back.

Sometimes I notice there is a delay in the App Lock screen appearing. I never saw the kind of delay you mentioned. But as you noted, it went back to normal next time.

Keep an eye on things for a while and let us know if you still have issues.

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