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Can only unblock 99 sites

In the past, I was able to successfully block/unblock more than 100 specific websites (this includes adding the blocked and unblocked together).  The main reason for needing to do this is that I blocked the Uncategorized category.  However, in the past few days, I have noticed that when attempting to unblock more than 99 sites, when trying to save the settings on the page, I get "Error retrieving policy settings" and whatever new sites I tried to add are not actually added.  This makes the product nearly un-usable for me as I really want the Uncategorized category to be blocked and my children need way more than 99 specific sites to be unblocked.  If I unblock "Uncategorized", I will need to block a significant number of sites.  This needs to be fixed immediately.  See the attached file for a picture of the error.


File Attachment: