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Norton 360 Multi-Device, what do I actually install on a Mac?

I just got my hands on a free copy of this new "Multi-Device" version of Norton 360, which in theory should provide me with Norton 360 protection for up to five devices for one year. It's supposed to support everything from a Windows to Mac system and even Android and iOS devices (the whole iOS device part is rather dumb as you barely get any functions going on iOS devices at all and I would consider it a fraud if Symantec actually counts a iOS device as one out of five considering you get like 5% of the features you would normally expect from Norton 360 software).

I have yet to install it on any of my Windows system, reason being I have free access to Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security for Windows as a result of being a Norton Partner and all I want from my Norton software is virus and network protection, so why install Norton 360 over Norton Internet Security?

The main reason why I grabbed the new Multi-Device version of Norton 360 while I had the chance was because of the fact that it now support Mac installations, and I wanted to test out and see if the OS X development have been improving the last year.

This brings the question... How on earth am I supposed to actually install this on any of my Macs? First of all none of my Macs features any optical drive, so the included DVD can't be used and I never use them for any Norton installation anyway because the installation on the DVD's tends to be out-of-date 99% of the time, so why not just download the lastest version from the web and activate it using the included serial?

Here I get completely lost.. There is no such thing as Norton 360 for Mac, so what exactly am I supposed to download, install and active using the provided serial number from the Norton 360 Multi-Device package? Not providing any details on how a customer is supposed to do this within the package seems rather stupid if you ask me.