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  • 26-Jun-2018 | 8:07PM Commented on No longer using Core
    Thanks again.  I just changed my DNS settings on my desktop computer after clicking on your Cloudflare link.  I had never heard of Cloudflare before, but that was pretty easy.  I used the IPv6 set...
  • 26-Jun-2018 | 4:42PM Commented on No longer using Core
    Thanks everyone for your replies.  I know you're all right, I just hate to admit it to myself that our Internet is slower than most other people's.  I kind of tried the Core in the first place wit...
  • 25-Jun-2018 | 7:42PM Commented on No longer using Core
    Thanks, you gave me a lot to think about.   We did go with the more expensive plan of the new Internet company.  The $20 less / month plan is 3 down, 1 up.  Just did several speed tests in a ten m...
  • 25-Jun-2018 | 10:30AM Commented on No longer using Core
    Thanks for replying.   That kind of answers my questions.  I'm still using Norton Security, it's just being used without the Core being attached.  Is that OK to do or should I use a different Nort...
  • 24-Jun-2018 | 11:38PM Created a new Forum Thread: No longer using Core
    I've had Core since it came out and it was used with a really lousy Internet connection.  Core didn't improve our Internet that much.  In May, we got a new Internet provider and they also provided...