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Norton Fighter25
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02-Dic-2009 | 10:03AM • 9 años 3 meses
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25-Mar-2019 | 9:05AM
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Petal, Mississippi, US of A
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- I was born and raised in West Reading, PA and joined the Air Force 2 weeks after I graduated. - Retired after 23 1/2 Years in the United States Air Force - Retired again after 16 1/2 years with the US Postal Service - Living in Petal, MS for almost 24 years. - My first computer was an Apple IIe (Enhanced). I have never had any formal training in computers. What I know is self taught and I am pleased to say that I am still learning. Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks! I enjoy being able to help others because there was always someone out there on the internet to help me and I feel that if I can give something back, than I am repaying those who helped me! - I also enjoy bowling,watching NASCAR and Air Shows.