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When I ran WinDoctor (NSW 2009 Premier), it identified the following: The key, "software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/app paths/asoelnch.exe" refers to an invalid application path, "\asoelnch.exe".

The program is located a couple levels down in my NIS 2009 install folder on my F: drive.

I ran CCleaner just before WinDoctor, and it didn't alert on the registry entry.

NIS 2009 ( works just fine. Could that registry key be left over from previous updates? I guess it's safe to remove the key?

P.S. I thought that CCleaner was more aggresive than WinDoctor. Maybe it isn't?




Did you ever try removing the asOELnch.exe key? Did that affect anything? I get the same error from WinDoctor.  ThanksMessage Edited by wmklmr on 01-28-2009 09:18 AM


Hi BrandonFL,


The asoelnch.exe is the AntiSpam Outlook Express Launcher Component from Norton program, located in C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Engine\ folder. However, the registry entry that WinDoctor detected as invalid application path can be a remnant from the previous Norton program you had. You can go ahead and fix that problem.


If you face any issue with using AntiSpam afterwards, you can undo the changes(fixes) you have done using WinDoctor. You can find the option in View Repair History.



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