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Cannot get https://nobu.backup.com to work

As soon as it pops up (I can see the welcome screen with the logon boxes), but it immediately goes to an error page saying that the page cannot be found.  Specifically, it says:

Sorry, we couldn't find https://nobu.backup.com/local_agent/determine


Any suggestions?  I can't get my online backup files to restore and wanted to try to login this way.




Re: Cannot get https://nobu.backup.com to work

Try https://nobu.backup.com/session/new .  The address you gave leads to your local machine directly.
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Re: Cannot get https://nobu.backup.com to work

Thank you for the reply dbrisendine - your suggestion worked.  I was able to get in.  Unfortunately, I could not see my online backup file that was created before my hard drive crashed.  I am having the worst time with this.  I am using Norton 360 v.3.  I spent a couple of hours online with Norton tech support and got nowhere.  After talking with two levels of technicians, they "escalated" my problem to the engineering research department.  I even got an email saying:

Thank you for contacting Norton Support. It has been my pleasure to help you with your Case ID# XXXXXXXX. However despite my best efforts to fix your issue we have not been successful.

In order to fix this issue we will need to look into performing more advanced troubleshooting. As a result you will be receiving a call back from our Engineering Support Team to ensure we fix your issue as soon as possible. Please find the details of the callback below:

Telephone Number: XXXXXXXXXX

Date: 12/28/2009

Time: 11:10 AM , EST

If this is not a good time, or you wish to call us again, please call us on our toll free number and use your Case ID number when you are prompted to enter a priority ID number. This will give you priority in the queue and route your call directly to our Engineering Support Team.

Thank you

Norton Support

Well, I did not receive a call from anyone from tech support and I am incredibly frustrated.  I've now spent about 20 hours trying to restore my files that I had backed up with Norton 360.  I hope that you or somebody else out there can help.

I can see that I have 7.4 G of data online but I cannot restore it. I've even tried restoring one type of file at a time using Norton - didn't work.  I have been successful using the Norton backup drive through Windows Explorer (as suggested in another thresad by jebber1) but it is painstakingly slow.  For example, I started trying to restore my itunes folder about 11 hours ago.  It has been running ever since and it is still trying to restore it!  UGHH!  I can't do this for each and every folder.  By the way, when using the Windows Explorer method, I've noticed that my CPU usage never goes above 4%.  Maybe that is part of the problem?

I am desperate to restore these files.  Any suggestions?

Thank you!


 <<Edit: Support case ID number and telephone number removed from the post.>>

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