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Can't click on email links anymore

My church downloaded one of the free Norton modules offered thru NAV, which we ended up removing.  Now in outlook every time they try to click on link in an email it says "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.  Please contact your systems manager."  Any ideas how to remove the "restriction"?



Re: Can't click on email links anymore

Hi daleingle,

Do you know if the Google Chrome browser had been installed and later removed from the PC?  There have been numerous reports of this error happening because upon uninstalling, Chrome does not correctly reset the system's default browser back to Internet Explorer.  You cannot reset this using the Windows "Set program access and defaults" but there are ways to fix it.  If Google Chrome is the culprit, the easiest fix is to reinstall it and make it the default browser.  Then make IE the default browser, after which you can uninstall Chrome again, if desired, and IE will continue to be the default browser and the issue should be fixed. 

If Google Chrome is not involved, it could be a corrrupted registry key that Microsoft offers a "Fix-it" solution for:


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Re: Can't click on email links anymore

Just a follow-up.  I have come across a post in another forum where reinstalling Chrome did not work, but installing Firefox and then reverting the default to IE did work.  The Firefox solution predates the Chrome solution and has been regarded by many as the best way to fix this.  There is also a registry edit that might work, but your best bet from what I can now find is to use the proven Firefox method and either keep Firefox or remove it after you have successfully made IE the default once again.

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