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Can't open Norton 360

I recently seemed to have picked up a Trojan. I couldn't open Norton 360 so ran Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes seemed to have deleted all of the corrupted files but still i can't open Norton. When i click on the shortcut nothing seems to happen, i've clicked on the .exe file directly and the same occurs. Any solutions to this problem or any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Can't open Norton 360



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You can try uninstalling using Norton removal tool and the reinstall Norton 360. Sometimes, the virus may have damaged the components of Norton program. For re-installation, better download the latest version(Trailware of Norton 360) available in this Symantec Web Page, don't install it now. You can download Norton removal tool from this LINK. Run Norton removal tool multiple times(2-3 times)to make sure that all the components from the previous installation has been removed completely. Then install the trailware, you can activate it using the same Product key. After installation, run LiveUpdate repeatedly until you see the message that no more updates available. You may need to restart in between running LiveUpdate. Let us know the results.



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