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CAN'T uninstall 360

Norton 360 version 2 :   Help. I noticed the norton icon would not bring the program up. Going into program files I still couln't rt click it open. Checking the windoes security I was told the firewall and virus scan was mysteriously off. Any attempt to correct all of these issues yielded NO response. Finally I just decided to uninstall and the uninstall locked up. Meanwhile the program has also blocked my isp recognition by the internet provider so I am blocked from the net! The internet provider spent 2 hours trying to fix the link but was blocked every time. The bottom line is I must UNINSTALL the Norton 360 version 2 and Can't!I have been on hold by Norton for 3 hrs!!!! ...Nice support.



Re: CAN'T uninstall 360

I've asked for your message to be moved to the Norton 360 Forum since you are in NIS/NAV ...

Meanwhile ....

This link: Symantec Norton Removal Tool. will direct you to the current Symantec Norton Removal Tool.

Run it several times and reboot between each.

Make sure you have the KEY for reinstalling and when you are in the other Forum you will probably be given a download link for the latest version rather than what may be on your CD.

Please say whether you have N360 V2 or V3 and the version ID which is in Help/About in the format nn.nn.nn.nnn


Re: CAN'T uninstall 360

Also, let them know what other security software you have on your machine, and any other Norton products.  They will be able to help you get things working properly.
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Re: CAN'T uninstall 360

romulan - sorry for the delays; follow this:

If you have a retail box version, download and save the latest version from Norton.  The retail box disk will most likely have an old version on it and this way you don't have to go through the hassle of installing / updating the software / rebooting / updating / etc.  You will need the license / serial key on the box / disk.  If you buy from Norton online, you will get to download the latest version anyway and they will email you the key / serial code.

 Go to this link and download the Norton Removal Tool (NRT).  Save this on your hard drive.

When this is done, reboot into Safe Mode (details can be found here ).  If you are unsure about this, then when you reboot after the NIS2006 uninstall, instead of restart choose shutdown.  When you restart the system, begin pressing F8 key until the Advanced Options appear; choose Safe Mode (no network or anything else).

Once logged into Safe Mode, run the NRT.  This may take a while so be patient.  Reboot into Safe Mode when this finished.

Once logged into Safe Mode, run the NRT.  This may take a while so be patient.  (No, this is not a pasting mistake; run the tool twice and everything will be nice.)  Reboot into normal mode when this is done.

Install the N360 software you downloaded earlier and when asked to activate use the code from the boxed version or the one emailed to you (depends on how you purchased the software).  Once the software is installed and running, reboot the system.

Click Run LiveUpdate (on the main interface screen) until you get a message that there are no more updates, you have them all.

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