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ClubSymantec Legit?

Simple question--I got an email from "ClubSymantec."  Is this legitimate (don't recall seeing this before)?




Kudos1 Stats

Re: ClubSymantec Legit?

Hi Foreman,

ClubSymantec does exist:


I myself cannot recall receiving an e-mail from them, but you could perhaps check with Symantec Customer Support to be absolutely sure about the e-mail:


Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: ClubSymantec Legit?

Hi Foreman

Received my "Club Symantec" email today....

Don't recall seeing this before either...may be new?   Or, I just slept funny




Re: ClubSymantec Legit?

I just stopped getting e-mails from Club symantec after I bought a Norton 2008 Product; I've been waiting nearly 2.5 Years for the e-mails to return, but nothing's happened.  Wonder what's so special about you folks that you seem to be getting them and am not... I'd also like to know charm you used with symantec to get these e-mails because mine doesn't seem to be working; thought I'd take a Page out of the experts' book...

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