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This forum thread needs a solution.

Code 19 Failure loading Using the VxD Loader?

Code 19 Failure loading Using the VxD Loader ... this is the problem Nort 360 Diagnostic report found.  Also when I try to play a music disk I get "Windows cannot start this device because it's config info in registry is incorrect. or damaged.  Code 19"

Problems are CD/DVD not listed under my computer drives and it spins but otherwise does not work.  It is listed in device mgr.and I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still not working.  MS check online shows driver is fine.

On another site this is suggested.....this code 19 is because of a nortons 360 update that placed upper and lower filters in the registry to try and protect from software from do bad things offf of optical disc's.  Remove the upper and lower filter from the registry and then restart the computer.

I don't know how to remove those filters or if it is the right thing to do.  another problem is my cpu will not restore....another recent problem.  So I can not reset to any earlier time.

Would love your advice,



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Re: Code 19 Failure loading Using the VxD Loader?

Hi Barb,

Welcome to Norton Community!

Try the solution from the following Microsoft Article:



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Re: Code 19 Failure loading Using the VxD Loader?

I thought I was the only one that was having this problem.  Mine was different.  I had the code 19 on my usb drives with a big yellow ! in front of it on device manager.  I have 4 I think usb drives on my computer f thru I for music for mp3's etc..  I gave one thing a shot due to some other probs I've been having as well.  I could not do the fix that you were able to do due to it wasn't my cd drive.  After about a month of research off and on  finally came across some info on micorosoft's website on the one of the forums about the code 19 and norton.  I recently uninstalled and reinstalled norton 360 and after that I came up with the error somewhat like yours.

1.clicked on the usb drive that was giving me the prob

2. clicked the driver tab

3. clicked uninstall driver  ( you have to be carefull on what you uninstall )

4. Click on the action on the top of device manager

5. click on scan for hardware changes.

It looks like it uninstalls everything for that drive, but when you scan for hardware changes its okay.  Now just have to try my mem cards for it. By the way did you have a code 31 as well?


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